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What it Includes...

:: 3 important questions you need to answer before you begin your business launch {and it only takes a few minutes}

:: The first step you should take after you have your signature offer, and how to craft that offer to sell.

:: Why a two hour website is good enough to get started, and how to get it up and running without using glitchy themes or cheesy drag & drop builders.

:: How to set up payments without needing an SSL certificate, and how to use your competition to jumpstart your growth.

It's all included - videos, worksheets, free webinar trainings {What?...uh-huh}, downloads, and a plan to go from zero to online in 8 days.

Your Instructor

Julie Stoian
Julie Stoian

My name is Julie Stoian and I help people build profitable businesses by giving them the tech & strategy they need to stand out online. Think...


Since that title doesn’t fit on a business card, I decided to call myself a Blueprinter. That’s what I do. I give you a blueprint for your digital home.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the journey – no website all the way up to the best website on the Internet, I can help you sort through the clanging clutter of programs, plugins, trainings, and tasks that you have before you as a small business owner trying to market yourself on the Internet.

Just like a real honest to goodness blueprint.

I can help you with everything you need to make profitable business – your website, social media platforms, automation sequences, sales funnels, product launches, shopping carts, and copy.

For a full bio about my expertise and credentials, you can visit my about page.

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