The Business-less Entrepreneur

A class for dreaming about the business you want to have

Hi there!

My name is Julie and I'm a venture capitalist with no capital. :) Which means...I understand if you're an entrepreneur with no business.

We all start somewhere!

This course is meant to satisfy the craving for a business, before one exists yet. I must say, not all of you will come out the other side with one. But many of you will. And I would LOVE to help you get there.

xx Julie

How it works...

The class meets four times - LIVE. It begins on May 5th at 2:30pm EST and lasts for 45 minutes. The replays will be uploaded to the school.

Upon signing up, you will access to an introductory lecture that includes a workshop replay about finding business ideas in an existing blog, an idea worksheet, and an assignment to generate some ideas.

VERY IMPORTANT! I want you to come to class with a few ideas. So be sure to do the intro activities!

Lesson #1: Back to School with Your Ideas

The simple equation that will solidify your business idea immediately {and help you throw away the sucky ones}

Lesson #2: The Three P's of Your Business Idea

Creating laser focus for your upcoming plan

Lesson #3: Business is What Happens When You're Making a Plan

Generating a plan that doesn't strangle you before you start!

Lesson #4: Crunchy Crunching Numbers and...Getting Started?

Taking all those ideas and putting them in concrete numbers so you can actually try!

Get started now!